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    Question Do I need a Base Station?
    Hi there,

    Been meaning to find a Mac Forum to ask this question for a while, and what better a place than a forum called 'Mac Forums'...

    Anyway, I have an iMac G5 with Airport built in and I have an iBook also with Airport built in. My question is, can I connect these two computers together (ie: to share/copy files and share internet connection) with just the inbuilt cards or do I need a base station to make them talk to each other? If not, how do I do it as I can't figure it out!

    Also, what is the difference between an 'Extreme' and 'Express' base station?


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    Yes. You can use the built-in Airport card to communicate between the iMac and the iBook provided that you keep them not too far away from each other.

    Airport Express is only a wireless Modem with an integrated AirTunes functionality(latest). Airport Extreme on the other hand allows you to share printers (print server) using Bonjour and contains more server capabilities.

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    What would not too far away be? Do they need to be sitting next to each other, or can they be in another room of the house? And how do I set them up to communicate to one another?


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