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Thread: Mapping a network drive

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    Mapping a network drive
    I've just joined a new comapny which is windows based but I use MAC. The IT guy has told me you can't map network drive? I managed to map my home drive by go to connect to server but when I reboot the mount is gone. Can anyone help?

    \\muos o(-_-)o

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    G'day muos & welcome to Mac-Forums.

    When you boot your mac and the mapped share is on the Desktop, navigate to System Preferences>Acounts and highlight your Account in the left pane. If you need to unlock the Padlock, enter the Administrator Password to unlock it. Then in your user account, click the Login Items button.

    Now, return to your Desktop and drag the Mapped Share Icon right into the Login Items window.

    Now your Mapped Share/s are mounted automatically at login.

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    Not to hijack, but is there any setting on the Macs (I have an intel iMac and a g4 ibook) that allow one Mac to access the other even if nobody is logged onto the other? In Windows, you could always map a drive on another network computer regardless of whether anyone was logged on. It appears that with Macs, the target computer needs to have somebody logged on to allow another network computer to map the target's drive. For my home network, this is a pain because generally I'm at the iBook and need something on the iMac, but nobody is logged on there (or vice versa).

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