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Thread: New airport update problem

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    Feb 02, 2007
    Unhappy New airport update problem
    Hi, searched the forums and couldn't find an answer to my problem.

    I have been using both my core duo Imac and my core duo macbook on the same wireless network at work. My business partner has a G4 Powerbook and we have had no problems. A few day ago, a software update came through and after the restart, my macbook has been unable to connect to the network. It gets the dreaded "error joining the airport network - network name-" It logs on using ethernet. I took the Macbook home and managed to get it to connect using the network diagnostics, but only after connecting with the cable. I could not repeat this at work and now it has stopped working at home too. The other machines are working fine.

    I have tried rebooting both the machine and the router and have checked the password in the keychain.

    Please help!!!!!

    Thanks in advance


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    Nov 10, 2006
    DUDE! i got the same problem! i did the seciruty update and since that i havent been able to connect to my network or to any other network around here!...i also got the airport update but i didnt fix it! does anyone knows how to fix it?



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    I have been talking to techincal support for over a week now, They have tried gathering a log file and have even done an archive reinstall with no luck. They are going to get back to me... well it was supposed to be today, but from experience, they don'y follow they same clock and calander that we mere mortals use. Will keep you informed when they come up with a solution. G

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