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Thread: Added MacBook and now I have problems with my network

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    Added MacBook and now I have problems with my network
    I'm really trying to like my new macbook, but ever since I turned it on, my wireless network has given me problems. Sometimes it'll work beautiffuly and then all of the sudden, the connection drops out and i have to reset my modem and router to reconnect. NO error messages are displayed either, so I'm left completely in the dark.

    This never happened until I purchased the macbook yesterday.

    Can anyone offer any pointers? I'm really starting to regret this purchase so far.

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    So the connections are dropping on all of your PCs? Do you have any non-wireless connections? Does the router itself reboot? The Macbook shouldn't affect your modem at all. Are there uptime logs in your router you could look at?
    What type of router?

    More details please.

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