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    Smile wireless advice needed
    Just got my Mac Book Pro hooked up and gone wireless. I also have a G4 iMac still connected using an old ADSL modem and I want to switch this to also use the wireless router.

    So, whats the best way to achieve this? Is it as simple as getting a USB Wireless adapter and if so which one is best option?

    Advice appreciated.

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    I am always suspicious of using USB wireless adapters. My fiance has one connected to her desktop PC and it regularly drops its connection, whereas my MacBook never drops its connection.

    Personally I connect my desktop PCs to the router using ethernet, because it doesn't seem worth going wireless because all the cables are there already.

    However, if you are set on going wireless I would recommend getting an internal network card for you iMac, USB to me is just a quick temporary solution to getting wireless.

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