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Thread: VPN Issues

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    VPN Issues
    i've been having this Cisco VPN problem that has been plaguing me since i bought a MacPro 2.66 dual core intel a few months ago. I am running the latest version OS 10.4.8 and latest version Cisco VPN ( I've read about the kernel panics with the older version of Cisco VPN and Mac OS but i couldn't find anyone having the same problems as i am having.

    Cisco VPN SAYS it's connected and i can send work email from within entourage but mail does not download (exchange server) nor do the other folders update. Also i cannot log onto any of my work servers - mac or windows. when logging onto the windows server, i get an error message that says "the finder cannot complete the operation because some data in "smb://ipaddress" could not be read or written (error code -36)"

    the console says this:
    kextload: /System/Library/Extensions/smbfs.kext loaded successfully
    mount_smbfs: error from NetrShareEnum call: exception = 382312522
    mount_smbfs: error from NetrShareEnum call: exception = 382312502
    mount_smbfs: unable to list resources: syserr = Socket is not connected

    i did find a solution to this a month ago by having to reinstall the OS (clean install, the archive and install didn't work)... it was working fine until i switched from a cable connection on friday to Verizon FIOS. the verizon software that was installed has brought my problem back. (although i don't know why it would) i've tried uninstalling cisco VPN, restarted, repaired permissions and reinstalled it to no avail. i don't want to have to do another clean install since it would take me hours and hours to back everything up, recreate my settings, install all my software etc... only to have the problem possibly come back!

    i am hoping that someone can give me some insight and can help me with a quicker fix.


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    Jan 29, 2009
    No solution, but just to comiserate, I'm not able to connect to my company's VPN while I'm connected to Verizon broadband (using VZAccess Manager).
    Using Macbook Pro 15" (Dec 2008), Network Connect 6.2.0 (Juniper) for VPN and version 4.0.1 for VZAccess Manager. I'm looking high and low for a solution...
    It seems like the VZAccess Manager is conflicting with the vpn software, that's all i got so far :/

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    May 20, 2010
    Juniper network connect ver6.2
    I have a problem to connect to my company network remotely using juniper network connect version 6.2. It gives me a message "Network Connect cannot establish a secure session". Any advice?

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