Okay, so I recently picked up the Airport Extreme, got her installed and linked up with my Express (which is feeding my AirTunes to Hi-Fi) In any event, my signal strength shows to be great, however certain sites sometimes repeatedly are NOT loading! I am using FireFox latest updates and cannot seem to figure out what is causing this. I do not recall this issue with my previous Netgear Router which makes me wonder if it's the Airport. I can't say necessarily that the Airport is to blame and that it was immediately noticable post install but it has gotten to the point where I'm not eliminating any possibilities.

This happens on my Internet banking sites, my regular daily forums I visit, which makes forum posting near impossible, loading one minute and not the next after lengthy reply. I find myself copying my post before clicking submit in fear that I will have to refresh or go back a page or two. I can't figure out the pattern it runs on. Sometimes a refresh will work, other times I need to close out of Firefox all together. Same problem seems to be occurring with Safari now.

In any event, the only apps constantly running is Azureus which I seed Torrents on OiNK network.