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    Can't connect my iMac G3 to the internet (ethernet/OS X 10.1)
    Hi, I'm new to macs, and I'm sure whatever I'm missing is simple... Yeah, this G# is ancient, but I was able to connect it to the internet when I had OS 9.5...

    I just installed OSx 10.1 and am unable to make a connection to the internet via. the ethernet port, which I connected to the internet from when it had the old OS.

    I have a Linksys: BEDSX41 Firewall Router, and a 2WIRE: 1000SW DSL modem.

    The ethernet cord has been checked, and makes a connection with my PC, and I assume the ethernet port still works because it did a while back... I'm sure I just need to do some configuring, but I know nothing about Mac's, so yeah. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Open up System preferences and click on 'Network'. Click twice on Built in ethernet. This is where the setting for the ethernet can be found but how they are set up can depend on your internet provider !! Have a look at their website they should provide a list of settings.

    You could try setting the 'Configure IPv4' tab to 'Using DHCP' if it's not already set and make sure PPoE in the next tab is turned off, in the last tab 'Ethernet' set 'Configure' to 'Automatically'.

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