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    Connect to windows
    I'm sorry if this is totally the wrong place to post this, but im new to this and couldn't find anywhere else!


    I have an imac g5, but have the only mac in house, and i want to connect to the other windows computers. Windows can see the mac, and open files etc. but i dont know how to see it! if that makes sense...
    Any one any ideas? its possibly really simple and me being stupid.. but been stuck for a while now!!


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    Hello stepharooni, welcome to M-F!

    Here is an interesting read. btw. This has been asked tons of times. Please use the search function in the forum.

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    Jan 25, 2007

    thanks! id done a check, but had got nothing, but underneath there was a whole load of useful stuff.. oops!!
    Anyway thanks for the link.. all id done was not put in the "smb://" ...yeah i dont know a lot about this stuff!!

    so thank you!!

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