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    EMac RDC

    You will have to excuse my ignorance and plain lack of knowledge as i am more of a PC rather than a Mac Technician.

    I have a Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server that runs a windows only application. I have then downloaded Windows RDC on all my Mac's and connected them to the server in the exact same way as i connected all my PCs to the TS.

    The problem is, I can connect to the TS on my PC's and run the program without any problems but as soon as i try and do the exact same thing on any of my Macs, I experience alot of slow down and even system crashes. The only Mac that doesn't have any problems is the Intel Based powerbook.

    all the Emacs are fairly supstancial machines, 1.25GHz with 1 GB memory all with OSX

    My question is, are there any known problems or fixes for Windows RDC for the Mac?

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