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    Networking problem
    Hope you guys can help coz this is getting frustrating.

    I now have a macbook, coming from owning an ibook. Everything used to work in the ibook.

    Now, I can only surf and do email.

    Other networking activities I used to be able to do on the ibook don't work:

    1. I can't upload via ftp - tried all the settings and nothing works. I can't connect to any ftp server

    2. I can't see the windows network neighborhood, thus can't access a shared printer.

    Photo above shows the printer setup wizard. It sees the workgroup but when I click on it and select "choose", nothing happens. So i can't set up any shared printer.

    Any comments on the ftp and network problem? Firewalls are off, proxy servers are correct, ip address is correct.


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    here's a screen cap of the ftp error in terminal

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    This is a long shot, but have your IP addressess changed? I wonder if perhaps your router may be involved in this. Do you have any port forwarding rules established with it that perhaps don't work now because of a new IP for your new machine?
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    Our IT people tell me that they've already opened all the ports for my IP address, meaning I have full access in & out but it still doesn't work.

    What do you think?

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