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    i know i've kind of asked this question before, but i don't think i was quite clear about it. I have a windows network with my ibook. whats happening is as soon as i enable windows or personal sharing, my home folder is open to all computers. All of my windows machines require a password and user name before you can see the contents of that computer or its shared folders. is there anyway to make my osx machine password protected? thanks


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    Are you sure it's your Home folder, as opposed to your Public folder?

    Is your computer set to auto-login (@ startup)? Even if you're the only user, you may want to set it up so that you have to enter your password every time you start the computer up.

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    yea i'm the only user, and i have to type in my user name and password at start up. and its the folder named "Rob" assuming thats my home folder, it has like my pictures documents desktop all that stuff...i can't get into the hard drive, but i can get into the folder named "rob". any thing else i'm doing wrong?

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    Have you tried the standard "Mac OSX fixits": repair disk permissions, reset in Open Firmware, PRAM reset? I'd try to repair permissions first. The following assumes you still have the prob. afterwards.

    Did this start after an OS update?
    If this problem did start after an OS update, you might want to reset PRAM: restart & hold the Command-Option-P-R before the gray screen appears.
    If you still have the issue, you may also want to reset Open Firmware: restart & hold Command-Option-O-F. Type "set-defaults reset-all"

    You might want to manually change your permissions for your home folder. You should be able to use "Get Info" to do this, otherwise you're going to have to go into Terminal.

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