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    Jun 05, 2006
    Macbook & FTP problem

    I fixed my website on the macbook but can't upload to my webhost (via ftp) from my Macbook.

    All network settings and ftp client settings are correct & our IT dept. has opened up all ports for my i.p address. I'm the only mac user on a windows server based network. They can't seem to figure it out too.

    My webhost is ok as I am able to upload using www.web2ftp but I would rather do everything from an ftp client on the macbook.

    Any suggestions? This is so frustrating!


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    Jun 05, 2006
    On a related matter, I also can't browse the shared printers on the network.


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    Jun 05, 2006
    On terminal and typing ftp hostaddress, it says "connection refused"

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