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    Hubs and their limitations in regards to older macbooks.
    Okay. Sorry if my terminology is off. I'm not completely familiar with Apple products. So please bear with me.

    So my college has a wireless network. This network goes all throughout the school and in some classrooms, there are Apple "hubs." Those things that are supposed to put out signals. I'm not really sure what the model is in this one particular classroom, but it's white and has the Apple logo on it in silver. It's kind of 10 feet above my head, so I can't exactly check. :x

    Anyway, here's the problem. Everyone in my class can connect to it except for two people who have older Macbooks (over two-three years). However, *they* can connect in a different classroom, which makes me wonder if it has something to do with the hubs possibly being different models.

    The tech guy said it had to do with the microwave in our classroom and told them to upgrade their wireless cards. But the microwave isn't even on. Even when it is, it doesn't disrupt the signal that my laptop gets. So I think he just doesn't want to fix the problem.

    So I'm wondering what exactly the issue might be. Since these people can connect to one hub, but not the other. Is there an incompatibility issue in some of the newer hubs? I don't quite understand it myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    FYI, Macbooks haven't been around for 2-3 years. So what kind of computer do you have?
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    I'm assuming you have an iBook or PowerBook. Can you actually see the network and not connect, or does it not even find the network?

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