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    Unhappy possible optimize??
    hey to all to start things off....
    now i was hoping someone could help i am currently runing a mackbookpro
    2.3ghz connected to a d-link 108 kbps router with a ipstar satellite modem
    now my provider claims to be providing me with 1024/256kbps or thats what im paying for ($139.95au a month gobush broadband)
    i have run sevral different tests for speed and im getting a max line speed
    of 801kbps and download at 290kbps is there a way to possibly optimize my
    connection with a third-party program???
    i am new to macs about 2 months ive had this one any help will be muchly

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    There really isn't much you can do. Satellite broadband like Gobush is very touch and go. The very nature of satellite internet technology has an inherent latency that will affect your connection. Other factors like weather will come into play as well. Basically, the speeds listed are the maximum potential, not a guarantee. They are not always what you will actually receive. While it is possible, people almost never reach the listed "maximum speed" of their provider. This is the case no matter who your provider is or what kind of service you have.
    Looking at the packages that Gobush offers, you are getting far higher than their mid-range plans, and well above their acceptable range:
    Quote Originally Posted by Gobush Terms and Agreements
    The requirements are that the service is available 99% of the time, and that data transfer speeds of at least 60% of peak speeds are available at least 70% of the time.
    60% of your peak speed of 1024kbps would be 615kbps, so you are making out rather well. :black:
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    Jan 23, 2007
    2.33ghz intel core duo 2gb ram
    i see is there mabey a better provider that you know of..?

    and on another subject do i need to run any spyware/virus/adware protection
    ive been told macs dont get viruses but i guess im sceptical...?

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