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Thread: computer to computer network

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    computer to computer network
    ok i have a new 15" pb and a graphite imac 400mhz DVSE
    I want to be able to transfer files back and forth between the two computers
    both are airpot equipped and connected to the internet via the same airport network
    i know there is an option under the 'go' menu but i have tried to use it to make a netwok and failed miserably, so i must be doing something very wrong.
    So my question is how do i go about setting up a network to transfer files wirelessly? and after i get that set up, how do i actually transfer files?
    Thanks for any help

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    Well maybe somebody else who uses airport can give you a more accurate answer, but this is how I connect two computers with a crossover cable when they don't connect automatically:

    Check personal filesharing is on in sharing > system prefs
    It will display a message along the lines of 'Other computers can connect to your computer with the ip address 169.x.x.x' when you have the personal filesharing option selected.
    Press apple-k and type that ip address in.
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    click on go from the apple menu and hit connect to server (apple + k) type in the corisponding ip for the other machine and hit connect. that will bring up a login window use the login information for the other computer, it will then pop up with the folders or files you have chosen to share you select the drive you want and then you will have a new icon on your desktop for that drive. open it up and explore, make sure you go into sharing under you system prefrences and turn on sharing tho also in there when you turn the different types of sharing on it will also tell you how to connect to that option you have picked
    good luck and enjoy

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    Thanks powerbook

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