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    slow internet connection
    Greetings all, I am new to the Mac community. I have a macbook pro running bootcamp. How do I get my internet connection quicker on the osx side? my download speed averages 10mb down on the windows side and 6 down on the osx end. How do i tweak the connections to max out my osx internet connection?

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    wired i can get 10mb down wireless is when it slows down to 6ish

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    any takers???

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    There is a liitle script/application out on the net that tweaks, the unix kernel to change the network settings. I use to have it but, I can not find it or remember the name of it.
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    Are you running 802.11b or 802.11g on your wireless LAN/router?
    b will never give you more than 6Mb, and even that is optimistic. g will go much higher if the signal is clean.

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    A fix to all MAC internet problems!
    I got my macbook pro 2 weeks ago...and it ****** me off because the internet connection was sooooo bad. I called technical support and all he told me to do was to restart my macbook or my router (something I've been doing). I asked him WHY my pc's internet connection was quicker than the macbook pro's...all he said was, "I'm sorry, but maybe PCs are quicker than macbooks." That wasn't the right answer. I had to go seek answers elsewhere. My connection bars would be on full, but every time I browsed the web, I would be dropped or it would be in dial-up mode.

    THE FIX: You need an N-Router! You can try the Linksys e1000. My old netgear router wasn't compatible with before you go crazy...check your routers. Hope that was helpful =]

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