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    BT Voyager 2000 Vs Airport
    I'm in need of some help. I have a BT VOYAGER Broadband Wireless Modem and an Apple Airport Card in my G3 ibook. I am running OS X Panther.
    Two weeks ago my ibook saw the network in my falt no problem and could connect. My flatmate has since changed the WEP Key (??) and now the airport card can't even see a network (although it can see the TMobile network at Starbucks so it must be OK). I can;t see where I input WEP keys on my apple or what has happened to VOyager to exclude my laptop. The other PC users in the flat have no proble connecting wirelessly.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    I wish I can help you, but I don't have a wireless network yet.

    I am bumping, so hopefully someone, that does can help you.

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    I bet he turned off the Broadcast SSID setting. This makes the access point invisable. You need to get the WEP key and the SSID. Go to the Airport icon in the top menubar and select Other. Type in the SSID in the Network name field and select the proper Password/WEP in the drop-down and type in the WEP key. This should do it.


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    Thanks for that. I can now see the network but when I try to type in the new WEP key it still won't connect. Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by idgabay
    Thanks for that. I can now see the network but when I try to type in the new WEP key it still won't connect. Any ideas?
    I had a similar problem last week, in the end I turned off wep and made the network visible. Got the powerbook connected then turned it back on again.

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    Do you mean turn off WEP on the router? How do I then connect? Then when WEP is switched back on where do I put the new WEP key?

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