i would like to access my vipower network drive using his hostname.

using smb://
works fine (so, using it's ip address)

but from finder networking, i found the hostname of the drive, but clicking on the hostname i receive this:

"alias xxx could not be found. because the original item could not be found"

Accessing by IP isn't good for me. My router can give other IP address in the next time, and i don't want to find out it's actual ip address...

How can i access the drive using his name?

I have a vipower network drive, i connected it to the router.
(It's a winchester with a ethernet capable box.)

When i turn on the box, it request an ip address by dhcp, and i begins to serve access to it's fat32 content via name: landisk.

In XP i open the workgroup netork and i see the 'Landisk' ikon, and i open it's folder.

smbclient //hostname/share -- found the drive's folders
nmblookup U IPaddr hostname --- can resolve the ip address

but using smb://landisk doen't work at all....
There is an admin web page for this network drive:

it doesn't work, but works...

so, i think the name resolving doesn't work well. i should resolve the name via netbios, but using only dns???

Any idea?