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    I have a 360, and randomly it stopped connecting to the internet. It just won't do it. When I run the network test thing it says that the network adapter was disconnected. I tried using the other ports on my router that I know work, but they didn't with the xbox. So I brought it upstairs and tried a different ethernet cable, and it worked. Is it possible to have a faulty ethernet cable. It is not broken anywhere.

    PS - I would have posted this on the xbox forums, but they're so... microsoft. The only reason I bought an MS xbox is because theres no Apple game console, and I don't want to buy a decent gaming mac for 2 grand.

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    Very possible to have a bad cable. It's also probable that you have a loose connection. Double check the connection of the original cable to the router as well as to the XBox. If the connections are tight, it's probable that you have a small crack/severed wire within the cable, most likely near one of the connections.

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    Thanks alot. I checked the connections and they're all tight. So, I guess my cable is damaged. I didn't know that could happen. Meh, I'll try to return it, but if I can't I'll just buy a new one; they're not too expensive.

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    Definetly sounds like a faulty cable.. My mom was having an intermittent connection the other day. I did some trouble shooting over the phone with her, and once she tried a different cable, it worked.

    Even though they look perfectly fine, doesn't mean they always are. They're not too expensive nowadays anyways, I usually keep 3-5 extras just in case.

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