I have a D-Link 614+ wireless router. WEP is enabled and the authentication is set to open system. The encryption is 128 bit. Anyhow, my G4 connects to the network, but doesn't always connect to the Internet.

I receive msg stating that the system is connected but unable to connect to the Internet because of a self assigned address. When I check the TCP/IP,...IP address it is This address is not in my range for my router assigned IP addressess.

DHCP is enabled on the router, and my G4 has the proper WEP key. (I used the Network Setup Assistant to initially setup the connection, and subsequent tries). When I do this...I can connect to the network, use Safari browse the Internet. But, when I shutdown or enter sleep mode, then try...I can connect to the network...My signal is strong, but Safari cannot browse the Internet.

Any suggestions. Thanks,