After 20 years of being a PC owner I finally bought my very
first Mac Pro yesterday. Since it is being custom built I will
not have it until Monday.

There is a rather frustrating bit of controversy concerning
me using a wireless printer with this Mac Pro. The folks at
the Apple store told me to buy a $99 Airport EXPRESS Base Station
(which I did), though now I am hearing that this setup may
not work.

Let's start by looking at my current router setup....

I own a Netgear wireless router. My Verizon Fios plugs
into it as will my Mac Pro via ethernet. The router then
transmits wireless broadband throughout my home to my
laptop and printer.

When I was using my PC, I had a Linksys wireless print
server to receive signal to the printer. However, that print
server is not compatible with Macintosh.

The folks at Apple told me to simply plug my printer into
the Airport Express and that the Mac Pro would find
it. Essentially, the Airport would work as a wireless print server.

But now I hear differently...

Unlike other Macs that have a built-in antenna that would
transmit the needed signal to the Airport, the Mac Pro does
not have this capability.

So my question is....

With a Mac Pro and an Airport Base Station can I set up a
wireless printer? If not, I need to return the Airport at once.

If this will not work, what wireless device would you recommend
that is effortless to configure with a Mac for print server use?

Thank You in advance!