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    Need to set up a home network... NEED HELP!
    I know a bit about setting up networks but I've never gone wireless. I have a Linksys WRT54G router and I want to hardwire my Dell Dimension E510 and my old Dell Dimension 300 using ethernet cable. Plus, I want to go wireless with my new Macbook and I want to know what the easiest way to accomplish all 3 tasks is.

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    The router probably has four ethernet sockets that you can hardwire your pc's, then log in to the routers admin, turn on the wi-fi and connect the macbook wirelessly :-) simple

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    TURN ON ENCRYPTION! on our wireless, always use the security, as easy as WEP is to crack, use WPA if you can, or somthing, as it is better then nothing when it comes to wireless.

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