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    a question you've probally heard a million times...
    ok... what i would like to do is plug my 250 gb external HD into my mac mini and have it shared on my network, which is primarially pc based. also, can i do this using airport express? please help!


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    You are right, we have heard this one a number of times.. Try using the search function next time, you will get your answer a lot faster.

    The first link should do, but there is more information in the following links as well. There are a lot more, these are just some of them. Use the search function for more information
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    thanks, i looked through these and couldnt find what i was looking for. they are all PC to mav, i need Mac to PC. i can share everything else, just not my external. do you think i should call western digital? and what about using the usb port on my air port express?

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    anyone else!?!?

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    I am still checking for you but this URL claims this little app will do it for you.

    Will report back when I find more.

    Another URL that recomends that application.

    EDIT: just installed and ran it on my iMac G5 with external 160GB WD and it worked perfectally. Be sure to check Windows sharing and Windows SMB sharing by clicking +. Hope it does the job for you. Does for me.

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    thanks, i will give that a try! what about using the USB port in my AirPort express?

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