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    Best Wireless Device for Macbook Pro? LinkSys?
    What do u guys think is better? the linksys wireless device or that

    200 dollar thing on apple's website? im not even 100% sure if this is even a wireless device?

    i went on apple's website and this is the only thing i foudn that even comes close to a wireless device for ur dsl modem

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    Would suggest you read posts in the Airport and Networking section. People like whatever has worked for them.
    You can read one of mine on a Linsys router here -
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    I use a Linksys wireless and it works great.

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    Belkin routers work well too.

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    Apple has two options. The pictured one is the Airport Extreme. The other is the Airport Express. The difference in the two is that the Extreme will work with dial up has a further range. The Express only works with broadband (cable, DSL) but also has a feature that you can plug in powered speakers to the unit and stream your songs from iTunes with no wires to your computer. They will both work with Mac and windows individually or in a combined network. I use the express with my iBook (saving for a MacBook Pro and an iMac). Very simple and works real well.

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