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    Couple of wireless questions...
    I'm switching from a desktop PC to a MacBook for several reasons, the number one being mobility. I'm just sick of having to sit at a desk to use my computer. My butt just can't take it anymore. And I'm ditching the PC because... well... because the Mac just looks like fun. As I'm getting older, I'm starting to want more fun in my life and less... complexity. One of the reasons the Wii will probably be my console of choice.

    Anyways, I want to go as wireless as possible with the laptop, which is kinda' the point. I know that the bluetooth will allow me to use a wireless mouse (I'm not fond of touchpads), but can I also make my printer in the next room connect without a wire? If so, how do I go about getting the signal from my computer to the printer and vice versa? And if I use bluetooth to connect to my printer, will that temporarily interrupt my signal with the mouse? I have an Epson Photo R220 as a printer, if that makes a difference.

    I'm new to the whole wireless gig, so I'm probably just confused and there's a nice, easy way to settle this. But any help would rock!

    I should be getting my MacBook in the next couple of weeks, so I would love to have my setup in place before it comes home with me, so I can literally just turn it on and fly.

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    Ok then...

    1. Wireless printing

    With the Epson (which does not come network connected by default) you have a couple of options:

    a. Wireless print server - a device that attaches to the USB port of the printer and allows wireless connection to your printer via your network. These can be a little expensive, but some are available for as little as £50 (ummm....$90?). Do a search in

    b. Link the printer to another computer and set it to be a shared resource. Much easier to pull off if the other computer is a mac. Can be a little more complicated (i.e. beyond my current knowledge) if the other computer is running Windows or Linux

    c. As you mentioned, get a bluetooth dongle to attach to the printer and then connect with your laptop. This is probably the most straightforward, but the range will be limited to about 10' - not good for printing through walls!

    2. Multiple bluetooth devices.

    Connectivity has come a long way since serial connections (I remember trying to troubleshooting a modem that would only work while I was physically moving my mouse!). Bluetooth connections use specific passkeys to create secure(ish) connections between devices. There will be no problem you running a BT mouse, keyboard and printer from the same machine.

    Good luck!


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    Looking at the specs for your printer on epson's web site, the usb connection is 1.1. I see no provision for blue tooth. I am not an expert in any respect, but I suspect it will not be able to support it. If you opt for a printer router I believe you will have to ensure the router will support usb 1.1 connection. I'm sure there is someone more qualified that will chime in here.

    good luck
    Dec 06 :mac:

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    Thank you for responding!

    I have a feeling I'll just leave my printer at a desk, and just plug it in whenever I need it. I'll still have the computer desk set up anyways, so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to have the printer non-wireless.


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