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Thread: Airport printer, no Remote Desktop?

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    Airport printer, no Remote Desktop?
    Hello. The interenet in my school (district wide) has been down for the 2nd week. I have a G4 laptop hooked up to my lab via Airport. I don't understand why I have lost access to the labs priner and I can not utilize the Apple Remote Desktop to control the inidiviual stations.

    Is there something that I can easily change about the Aiport?

    Thanks for anyt feedback!


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    maybe with the internet down they disabled wi-fi access
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    Quote Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
    maybe with the internet down they disabled wi-fi access
    Hello. Thanks for the reply. Actually, the Airport, the Server, etc. I am "they". Now THEY have the interenet down, but I should be able to see my own server from my laptop. If I run a hardwire to the laptop, I can see the server. If I just stay WiFi, I can't see anything.

    Any ideas?


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