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    My Airport cant find anything....
    My Airport Extreme card in my 2.5dual Power PC cant find any wireless networks to connect to.

    I run a pc laptop from the same room (it has a pcm card that links to our broadband phone downstairs) it also locates about 4 other networks.

    The Airport card finds nothing, no signal, absolutely NOTHING.

    Ive tried a new airport card, reinstalling OSX, a hardware test. Can anyone shed light on a possible reason for my airports incompetance?

    I dont know what else to say, so if thats not clear, please ask questions so I can try and make some sense of it.



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    maybe an antennae problem

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    This may be stating the obvious, but are you sure you have the airport turned on from within osx?

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    same problem...
    Started bout 2 days ago...had no problems connecting prior to this.

    I think it is the antenna (since I can't even any network around me, including that nice GoogleWiFi) --I have no problem connecting with 2 other macs in the house.

    Any ideas or heard of defective antennas?

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