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    Unhappy Mac to Wii Wireless Internet Access Help
    Hi, I'm not too sure what I should be asking but here it goes.

    I have an iMac G5 with no airport card installed (earlier version) with broadband.

    I bought a USB LAN 802.11g 54Mbps adapter to try and connect to the wii via a wi-fi connection then my friend told me I needed something like a wireless router to make it work.

    So now I have Wireless Broadband Router mac compatible with built in wi-fi.... (its a safecom one SWBARR-5400)

    I want to try and connect to the wii, It detects the 2 seperate things (not sure what to call them) and I try using both as the connection base type of thing, but even with the 2 different items there's always something wrong with the internet connection, I really havnt got a clue what, please if anyone can help me even if your not sure about its wii compatibility anything would help, i've spent quite alot of money on these things trying to get it work and still no luck.

    (btw, it worked for a split second once but then stopped during its updating proceedure when i had not touched a thing and said it couldnt connect again)


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    When you setup your connection, you search for Access Points. If it finds more than one, you're probably picking up your neighbor's signal. Select your wireless name (if you don't know what it is, you should go into the router per the instructions it came with and change it to something you prefer). Once you select the access point with your Wii, it will go online.

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