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    HP 7210 Wireless Printer and Mac Pro
    Okay, first thanks in advance to anybody who can help and I also apologize as this is my first post here at this forums and my first post as a mac user. I just purchased a new macbook pro and am in the process of getting everything running on it.

    I am having issues with my home network. Using a linksys wireless network, I have a wireless HP 7210 all in one printer that I use with my other pcs on the network. A toshiba laptop and a sony vaio, both using Win XP PRO. The HP all in one was installed and set up to work with the other 2 pcs on the network.

    My macbookpro found my home network with no problem and I am online and typing as we speak. When I downloaded the drivers for the printer (an unnecessary step for Tiger I later learned) and ran the setup problems occurred. It shows my printer the 7210, lits the mac address and the correct IP address, but when I run the scan it shows no devices found. What do i need to do to get this wirless printer to work with my macbook pro? Please help and thanks again.

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    Me too, can't get MacBook to 'see' network printer
    i'm sorry I don't have a solution to your question, I have just got a macbook for Christmas and it connects with my PC network, but like you when i come to install a 7200 HP all in one printer the network lists the printer but the software and macbook don't see it on a network (TCP/IP) scan so I cannot get printing from the macbook without using a USB cable.

    I look forward to someone answering this thread!!

    BW Stephen

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