Hello everyone,

Now recently i purchased myself a used imac g3 for one of my rooms, I received it today and being a newbie at using mac's i decided to try and connect using my linksys wireless-g router to my wireless-g broadband router wrt54g in my living room which is connected to my optonline cable modem, Now for about an hour i got internet in my room which is 2 doors down or less but then i was disconnected and haven't been able to connect ever since I decided to do some googling and came up with something that i thought might help something called (DD-WRT) Which supposedly can help create a wireless bridge from my wireless-g broadband router to my wireless-g usb adaptor. Anyway to get it down plain and simple i was wondering if anyone knew how to configure a linksys wireless router with another using an imac g3 i'm aware of the airport card but being after the holiday's i'm pretty much broke and was hoping to enjoy the internet using what i had around so if anyone could help guide me on getting this to work i would gladly appreciate it