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    Word of Advice
    I just got off the phone with the Netgear technical support, or should I say hung up on... I called with a question on how I can hook up my new Netgear wireless router into my existing home router to an alternate, central, location in my home. What I recieved was Netgear telling me that I could only plug their wireless router directly into my cable modem (which I was ok with). They then talked me through the steps of how to set up the wireless connection (which worked). Then I asked for assistance on how to place a password on the connection and began the talk-through on how to set this up. We ran into a problem in the password set-up process and the technician told me that I was experiencing an OS problem and that my machine was incapable of connecting to a password protected wireless connection. I then told him that I use a password required connection everyday at school and work. He then reluctantly tried another time before informing me that it was 2:00 AM in India. The technician then seemed very rushed and told me that I was "good with computers" and that I am sure I could "figure it out". He then proceeded to say goodby and hang up the phone before I could offer any objection. I called Netgears support line again and explained to a new technician what had just happened. They told me there was nothing they could do and to call back later and hung up again.
    I was very polite with the technician throughout the entire process and in no way deserved to be hung-up on. I would just like to spread this out to everyone so they won't make the same mistake I made in choosing Netgear.

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    booo netgear!! i had on of them netgear routers... worked for a month then wouldnt work again. called support and they told me it was busted and they tried to make me pay for a new one. never again will i use netgear.. ill be using my airport express which i configured with no problems. and i dont have to worry about any connection issues cause it just works. netgear booo! apple yay!!!

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    Call them and request a super-visor right away.. I used to work in a call center.. If you do that, you'll get what you want.

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    ... and get the name of whoever you talk to.

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    yeah boooooooooo on them

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    I suppose their support is out of India like the rest of the idiots. I hate that. It's useless.

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    I have always used linksys routers and I have never had an issue or problem with them. I thought about getting some netgear stuff but now I will never buy netgear products now.
    What is the distance between here and now anyway?:mac:

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