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    Question AOL with netgear wireless router
    Im having trouble configuring my mac to connect to aol using my netgear DG834Gv3 wireless router. I can see on AOL some settings that I have to change. Problem is, I dont have a clue about macs and where to enter or change the settings so I cant get anywhere. AOL provides an installer for my router for the pc but it wont work on a mac.

    The router isnt connected to anything atm. I've connected it to my mac book pro, some lights have appeared but other than than, im stuck.

    Please help!

    Anyone using AOL on thier mac, im sure different routers wont make much difference to where/how settings are input.

    Screenshots would be really helpfull!

    Oh i have some aol software and i searched for my router and it said it wasnt connected but it was.

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    shouldn't matter what provider you use (though are you sure you want to use AOL? really?). is it cable or dsl?

    are you using a modem and a router?

    wall jack ---> modem ===> router/wap ===> computer (or wireless signal)
    --- = coax or phone
    === = ethernet or crossover ethernet cable

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    Thanks for you reply.

    I managed to sort it out last night, so now its all well!

    This thread can be closed.
    Thank you.

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    Could you tell me how you solved this problem, I have almost the exact same problem.


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    yeah - have same problem. would appreciate advice.

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