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    Wireless Connection Problems
    I got my MBP last week and have been having occasional problems connecting to the internet.

    I have a cable modem going through a Linksys wireless-g router (model WRT54G). My mac usually connects without a problem, but sometimes it won't connect. My sister has this problem with her powerbook g4 and says she has to powercycle her router at least once a day.

    Today, when I got home from work, I couldn't connect to the internet. I powercycled my router, but to no avail. I ran the network diagnostic assistant thingy, power cycled all devices connected to the modem including the modem itself and it still doesn't connect. I've also restarted the computer a couple of times.

    I obviously have internet service since I'm able to post this. If anyone else has problems like this and knows how to resolve it let me know! This shouldn't be a problem with a $2000+ computer.

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    have you tried using an ethernet cable? does the connection drop then?
    if it does, than it may be your modem.
    if it doesn't, then it's something in the wireless between the router and computer.

    first, download the latest firmware for the router and make sure you install it properly (never power anything off that is having firmware upgraded). you will want to use an ethernet cable for this - so you don't lose connection, mid update.

    then, try this. power off the router and modem.
    then power on the modem. don't touch the router for a couple minutes. then power the router on. then boot up a computer and see if it holds the connection better.

    also if this doesn't work, or doesn't seem to work as well as you want, try moving the router. even rotating it in place may help. moving it higher up if it's near the floor may help. moving the antennae may help as well.
    but each time you move it, give it some time to connect and stay connected. to find a really ideal spot for it may take some time.

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    I think its your router so many people are having problems with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AUZambo View Post
    This shouldn't be a problem with a $2000+ computer.
    I seriously doubt there is a problem with either your computer or your router. I tend to agree that the issue is likely the modem or your ISP.
    If not those, then the problem could be coming from some sort of interference with the signal, like a cordless phone or microwave oven (seen it happen quite a few times from both of those). I would suggest moving the router around as well, to see if you can't find a better "vantage point" for your access.

    Also, make sure that you are properly power-cycling your setup. It involves more than just turning the router off and on. Look here for more information:

    Power Cycling Network Setup
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    Fixed it
    I fixed the problem. There's nothing wrong with the router or ISP. I have a PC desktop and laptop that connect through the router just fine via wired & wireless. I also have VOIP that has been working fine through the router.

    I found some forums on linksys' web site and TONS of people are having this problem. It's a glitch in the firmware for the router. To fix the problem, I actually had to DOWNGRADE to an earlier firmware version...and I'm not certain that will be a permanent fix. Time will tell.

    Hopefully Linksys will step up and fix it with a newer firmware DL.

    Here's the forum where I found the answer to my problem for those of you sharing my pain:

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