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    Question Airport Express Question

    I currently have a Belkin 54MB/s Wireless ADSL router, I am thinking of purchasing an Airport express to A. extend the range of my wireless network, B. connect my living room stereo to my iTunes collection and C. set up a network printer.

    My question is this:

    Will the Airport Express work alongside my current router & wireless set up?



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    Only I'm considering getting the airport express base station while the 1 day sale is on today (ends at 11:59pm) so I'm in a bit of a hurry lol

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    I think Apples says the range extension feature of an Airport Express only works with an Airport Extreme base station. See footnote #5 here:Airport Express notes

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    I run an Airport express with my Netgear wireless router and have had, more or less, no real problems.

    While set-up is, obviously, a lot easier if you have an airport base, you should still be able to add the express to your local network using airport set-up.

    Coupe of issues I've had:

    I use my express solely for streaming music (flat not big enough to need network extension, bloody london!). Originally, I hosted it on my netgear network & ran music & internet together. Unfortunately, this seemed to give me the worst of both worlds, and both music & net access got very choppy. Not that annoying on the web, but a pain on the music since not much use streaming when it comes in 2 sec bursts!

    I now run them as two separate networks, one for web & one for music. It's a pain because you have to choose one or the other, but it's solved the interference issues.

    However, i'm pretty sure it's something to do with the fact that there are about 20 wireless networks showing on my widget at the moment, and I've always had problems with crossover. If you live somewhere reasonably secluded it shouldn't be a problem, you just might have to try a few different channels until you get a clear one.

    So, after what is a much too long post, I guess my answer is: should be fine, and the bottom line is the airport express is a very natty little gadget, and cheap at the price.

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