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    mac compatible routers
    I just bought a mac mini and after some trial and error was able to get it to connect to my wireless network. There was no problem with airport express finding the network, and after putting a $ sign in front of the password, I was able to connect to it. The problem is when I try to connect to the internet. I go through Network Config and it keeps telling me my network password is wrong. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of what is going on. A co-worker told me that some routers aren't mac compatible. The router is NetGear and is about 3 years old. Do I need a new router?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Routers don't normally care what OS is running on the computers they connect to. You should go to NetGears website and check the compatability of your model.

    I found this on their website:

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    I use the Linksys WRT54G and it works like a charm...

    It even has WPS, which allows me to use my Airport Express to extend my network.
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    You may simple need you routers security key.

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    My mistake, I was away from home when I wrote the first post. I use a d-link router and it is mac compatible. It's the strangest thing. Airport recognizes the network but I can't connect to the internet. I know the router is setup correctly because my other computer connects wirelessly just fine. It has to be something on the mac.

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    Buy an Airport Express, its amazing.

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    I'd like to fix this without buying a new router:bushman: It seems that my mac mini wants to assign a ip address to itself, which may be causing the problems.

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    I hope you don't take this as me being mean. There is NO Mac Router or PC Router. ALL routers use the same protocols and IP address's and any computer with WiFi will connect with it unless you are doing something wrong. I have used Dlink, Netgear, Linksys, Belkin, CompUSA and many other routers with my macs and all worked. If the router will work with a PC it will work with a Mac.

    Are you using WEP or WPA on the WiFi of the router? If WEP what type of key? ACSII? HEX and if HEX 40Bit or 128Bit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulwk View Post
    I'd like to fix this without buying a new router:bushman: It seems that my mac mini wants to assign a ip address to itself, which may be causing the problems.
    When that happens, usually a simple power-cycling of your setup will remedy it.
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    DLINK is the only other 3rd party router that says Mac Compatiable on it. Thats what i use. But that MAC COMPATIBILITY text is just for tech support. Any router will work. But as far as get what you pay for in ALOT of cases. The apple Airport express is great if your just going wireless strictly or the Aiport Extream if you want a few more features and a built in hub.

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    If you have your wireless setup to use an encryption key, OS X makes you select the type of key while Windows will determine the type based on your input. Make sure you select the right one...

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    Also, if you have a D-link, go to the router setup IP address and check to see if you have MAC filtering on. If you do, you'll need to add your airport MAC address from your mac to the list of allowable hardware MAC's on your router.

    I see you also know about the dollar sign in front of your WEP key. Make sure your WEP key is a full 10 digits AFTER the $ for 64 bit encription and for 128 bit encription, 26 characters long. Also, make sure you use HEX keys on your router, mac and PC. Macs like to use hex encription keys for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maz94protege View Post
    DLINK is the only other 3rd party router that says Mac Compatiable on it.
    Nonetheless, any other router or external cable or DSL modem is just as compatible with Macs. It doesn't matter at all, as long as they have a network jack. USB-only might be iffy, never tried those.

    Right now, I'm using the Airport Express card in my mini to connect to a Linksys WAP54G (wireless access point), which in turn is connected to a Cayman Netopia router/DSL modem/switch.

    You don't need the Airport Express station, the free DSL modem from your ISP, and the $80 WAP54G (if your ISP's modem doesn't include the wireless part already) access point will do you just fine.
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