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Thread: Remote Hi-Fi?

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    Remote Hi-Fi?
    First time here, so hello!

    I'm using an XP machine as an SMB file server which stores all my media and documents. I will later upgrade this to a NAS.. It has a wireless access point attached to it.

    Elsewhere in the house I've got a wireless router which provides an internet connection throughout.

    I've bought myself a Blackbook. I've found I can import my media library into iTunes on the Macbook and stream audio content flawlessly across my wireless LAN. Similarly, videos can be streamed from the server.

    However, I want to take this one step forward!

    Is it possible to send the audio to my Hi-Fi's. I've one in my bedroom, one in the office and one in the living room. I've been researching the Airport Express with Air tunes, but not entirely sure how that works or if it would fit into my existing wireless network. I do not need another router or internet sharing point - all I need is some wireless device which can receive audio and pump it into an amp! Sounds so simple!! Is Airtunes the only wireless option on the market??

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    There are other options out there (Roku soundbridge, some logitech devices) but none that work as well with iTunes.

    Basically you can just plug an Airport express in anywhere you want your music to be streamed to, and you can then pick your speakers in iTunes and it will stream it to them.

    However, I think the airport express' would need to be on the same wireless network as your media, as you can't connect to 2 separate wireless networks at once.

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    I use Airport Express on my existing wireless network and it works fine. I have been looking into the Roku Soundbrige and everything was good until I discovered that it can't play any songs that you buy download through iTunes store. Seemingly nothing can except iTunes itself which is a shame!


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    Thanks for the replies. So you are saying the Airport Express does NOT require existing Apple networking gear?

    I have a Ruckus wireless access point & Ruckus Wireless Gateway.

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