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    macbook Wlan problem in macOSX and winxp
    I just got my first MAC this last week, it's a macbook 2ghz, 1gb etc.
    The wireless network card is a Atheros AR5800A.

    So the problems i have is 2 different problems wether i run macOSX ( or windows xp (latest bootcamp).

    In macOS it's a big mess getting the wlan card to connect to my router, but whenever i do(WHEN MESSED WITH IT FOR half and hour), i have really big problems with getting a good transfer flow, sometimes it seems like the DNS is stuck or my internetconnection ssux. But the DNS server and the interconnection is working (i have 2 laps and one PC, working just fine right next too me).!

    WinXP (bootcamp)
    Here the wlan works perfect, it connects with no probs. BUT a big BUT here, whenever the Wlan card is activated, it makes some funny freezes, it just freeze my macbook randomly for like 0.5s - 3sec...... again, help. plz

    thank you

    Btw. using Dlink 524 if that has anything to say, with a WPA-psk

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    I'm not totally familiar with the whole Bootcamp thing--but is it not possible to just use the AirPort wireless card that comes built in with the Macbook?

    I know the Macbook AirPort card would at least work on the OS X side. My personal guess is that the card is your main problem. How is the signal strength? You may also want to give the router what I call a "refresh". I simply accomplish this by simply unplugging the router every month or so and just allowing it to clear it self. Seems to definitely help with the DNS and speed.

    Someone may can correct me here--but I would say your best bet is to use the AirPort card. Best of luck!
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    It is indeed the aiport card, you just don't see the manufactor in macOS it seems(or it's an emulated win driver somethin dno). But the signal strength is full, so that's not the problem. The wireless in macOS seems too be working fine now, dno what i've done, really.

    And another question, how do i make it connect to my network everytime i boot? i've added my network to the preferred network, but i doesnt seem to connect.

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