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GRRunner 11-25-2006 05:41 PM

AirPort disconnects from internet when 2.4GHz cordless phone is used. .
AirPort connection is excellent except we are disconnected from the internet when a call comes in on our cordless telephone. No problems with a direct ethernet hookup or when our wireless (Razr) phones are in use.
Our cordless telephone is a 4 year old Radio Shack 2.4 GHz Dual Handset Expandable Cordless Telephone / answering machine.
Is there something special I should know or be looking for in a new cordless system?

rjt1000 11-26-2006 10:22 PM

2.4 ghz phones cause interference with wi-fi because they operate on the same frequency range.

You can try to improve things by changing channels for the airport connection or for the phones. Or you can try moving the phone, the base station or the laptops. But with some model 2.4 ghz phones, its pretty much hopeless.

Best would be to change to a 5.8 ghz wireless phone system. They use a different frequency range and should not interfere with your wifi connection.

caribiner23 11-26-2006 11:04 PM

I had the same problem and changing channels only fixed the problem temporarily as there was no way to lock the frequency of the cordless phone.

I solved it by buying a new cordless phone in a different frequency range.

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