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    automatic ip
    I have read a lot of post about this but no real solution. The network I have setup for a client is one pc and one mac. The pc works fine on the wrt54g on all the ports, however; the mac was working but it is not now. When I go to renew the ip nothing. When I called the apple support they said is was a linksys issue. How can that be if the pc works fine. I need help with this. There is something I am missing. Linksys said put in a static IP, but why will it not do it automatically. Any ideas that would be great.

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    maybe the PC firewall is blocking the mac due to a new IP being assigned each bootup

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    Nov 25, 2006
    I do not think it has to do with the firewall. When you setup with dhcp configuration it works until the computer reboots. If it is the firewall is it the one on the router? I have never had this problem with the linksys router before.
    Thanks Adam

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    Linksys has released a firmware upgrade for the WRT54G v5 and v6 that should fix the problem. Apparently there was an issue in the way the router assigned IP addresses to Mac clients.

    I tested it out using my Intel and PPC computers. The new firmware seems to fix the problem.

    For more information: macnewsonline

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    Thank You
    Thank you so much for the response. I had several IT people say that there is no issue. Even had one tell one of my clients that I was so far off base. Just went to the link and printed it out. One last question; one I use this firmware can I use dhcp on the mac or do I have put in a static ip.
    Thanks again
    Adam Cohen

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