I have an opportunity to purchase a G4 1.33 Xserve for $650, but I really am rather limited in my knowledge of computers and networking. My goal would be to connect 3 or 4 computers (g4's and 1 g5 10/1000 gigabit) in my studio to share large (100-200 megabyte TIFF's) on a net work, basically just use it as a shared hard drive for large image files.

It seems the Xserve would be nice as I can just slap in new larger HD's as I need them, cheaper than a ethernet HD and seems to be more expandable, I have a couple new Seagate 7200 RPM 300 gb drives already

Is this a decent way to share large image files from computer to computer (fast) or would it be better to just add another g5 and load a g4 tower with HD's and buy a gigabyte router?

also, Im betting the Xserve WILL NOT come with software, Im sure my friends company owns the license to use the Xserve OS and it would not be legal to sell it installed, does this sound correct? If I buy a used computer is it legal to give the OS with it?

As you can tell I do not know much about this subject, so feel free to offer up any advice you may have. Im just trying to add at least a terabyte of storage and have it accessible fast from a few machines in a 3500 square foot studio.

thank you