Yes..I'm the person they write those books for, so bear with me. Also, if this has been answered somewhere else, just post a link. I did search, but still confused.

Ok.. just bought a new 20" imac. I have an old G3 graphite. I'm still waiting for comcast to set up my cable (yes I'm still on dial-up too). So..

Can I connect the new imac to the old and connect to the internet that way until I get cable? if so, can I just use an ethernet connection between the 2 computers?

If I decide to wait, can I transfer my files from the old to new computer with firewire .. or use ethernet? I read somewhere else that if you use firewire, to start up one of the macs using command F, but I'm not sure which one I do that on. I do have most files on an external SimpleDrive. Would it be easiest to just transfer them with that?(USB connect)

I didn't have networking set up on the old mac. Can someone give me a simple explanation on how to do that..or refer me to the best place to find out.

I'm sorry, I know these are really basic, dummy questions..but I chose this user name for a real good reason :dummy:

Thanks for any help you can give me. (I have to rush off to work, so may not answer right away)