i dont know if this is a mac (airport) problem or my isp or router problem. but i am getting rather annoyed.

i lose some internet connection every now and then which causes adium to keep coming back with time out errors and keeps needing me to quit adium and restart.

azureus also registers 0b/s on all torrents up and download when this happens. and sometimes i get azureus saying its firewalled even though i opened my ports.

i also struggle to play most peoples music on myspace even though i have the current flash. but this is not for everyones myspace.

however it does seem like it only does it at certain parts of the day.

i dont really have a clue about networks. so i dont know what my problem is. but im leaning to my router which is a bt voyager 2091.

i have noticed though when i connect to my router that when the downtime happens it shows me my internet connection has been connected for a short period (7seconds etc) so is this my router losing internet connection? is it my routers fault or my isp?

didnt have an isp problem before this router. i am on talk talk.

any help would be great as i am getting very annoyed with this now.

thanks in advance middi