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    Hi guys & Gals

    Now Iíve had this problem for a while and read quite a few posts on this forum yet none seem to sort my problem

    I have a G4 connected to a Belkin Router with a Belkin PCI wireless card fitted I can connect to my network no problem and the connection holds no problem No disconnections. The problem I have it will not connect automatically I always have to manually enter key.

    Now I read in a few post that if I changed to WPA encryption, it would sort this, but this is not case I have three XP boxes in the house and they all connect automatically but not my Mac and suggestion greatly appreciated as Iíve already said it will connect if I manually enter the WPA key
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    Try deleting the Keychain within Utilities/Keychain Access then re-enter the Keychain manually. If this doesn't work try deleting Keychain Access preferences.

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