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    Please Help!!!!!! Mac to PC ICS
    Hello All,

    Well Im a new mac user, have just bought a lovely new Macbook so am very new to the OS (which I love!!!). Have searched everywhere for an answer to this question without finding a solution that works.

    My question is this.
    I have an ethernet connection in my apartment for internet access. I can plug this into my mac or my friends XP laptop and access internet without problems.
    Though I would like to share my internet connection by connecting one of the computers with the ethernet cable and then sharing the internet connection using wireless.

    I have achieved this by connecting the ethernet to the XP machine and connection to this wirelessly with my Macbook, though the connection dropped every 5 mins or so which was just unworkable.

    Please if anyone could be of help, a router isn't an option as I am travelling and only here for a few weeks.

    Hope you can be of help.


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    Got it working but......
    Well I managed to get the xp pc to connect to the mac and access the internet through its ethernet connection. The problem being that it was over an unsecured network so once I edited the network to include a passkey the winxp pc is now unable to connect. Any help? Maybe once the problem is solved this could be made into a sticky as there doesn't seem to be a complete solution anywhere.

    thanks for the help.


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