Hi all:

I try to make it as clear as possible...

I have got this problem. I use to set up my Airport Express with a modem (not sure which brand) and a Buffalo WBR54 router+wireless. I connected my Airport Express to it and it is working fine with WDS and WEP.

Recently, I changed my ISP. This ISP gave me a new all-in-one modem (which includes router and wireless). However on this machine, I cannot use WDS and also does not allow me to use the 26 characters WEP. Only the 10 characters one. (Sorry. I not sure of the technical term for this.)

Using this new all-in-one modem, I cannot connect my Airport Express. I read somewhere that Airport Express only support the 26 character WEP.

Tried changing over the whole setup but I suspect that the ISP register their modem's MAC address and hence, I cannot access internet using my old modem.

I guess what I can do is to disable the wireless feature on the new modem and connect the Buffalo WBR54 and just use its wireless capabilities. Question is how. Wireless is easy... just disable it. I am lost with the internet login part.

The buffalo use to control the old modem, so i just go to the buffalo IP address and enter my login and password. PPPoE. Simple

With the new all-in-one and the buffalo connected, I have 2 login part on 2 IP addresses (the modem and the buffalo).

I guess I can change them so that one letting another control it. But how?

Can someone with similar experience help me with this?

I see on the all-in-one modem that I can choose login type as PPPoE or PPPoA or Direct IP or Routed IPoA.

Is this something that I should change? and to what?

Thanks Thanks!!!