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    So i've been having problems accessing our home pc network. I'm using a linksys wireless router and we have 3 computers wired and 2 laptops (one being my macbook).

    My brother who uses a pc is able to connect to the network, however I cannot. I still can access the internet via the wireless router, however I am unable to access any files on the network.

    When I go to connect to server, and type in the IP address of one of the computers it does not connect. It gives me error code 36.

    Also when I select Network, none of the computers let alone the workgroup show up. After reading a few posts some say I should be able to see any computers in the network in that screen.

    Hopefully someone out there had this similar problem and can help me out.

    Thanks in advance.

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    is filesharing enabled? i'm a lone mac user on my network and i don't have any problems. what i do is kind of wierd, so beware... i click on my hard drive and click on network and nothing shows up, so i close it. i wait a few seconds and then i go back and everything else show up. i know this sounds really really stupid, but thats the only way it works for me. i can never connect on the first try.

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    also, enable windows sharing in the system preferences plane.

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    Are you running a Firewall like ZoneAlarm? Have you allowed your Macs IP address access to the PC in the PC's Firewall's preferences?

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