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    AirPort Configuration
    I'm pretty new to Macs but I'm trying to help someone connect their Apple G5 to an existing wireless network. The network itself is configured correctly and can be connected to using Windows no problem.

    I believe you use AirPort to connect to a wireless network? Indeed this program found the network and asked for the appropriate WEP key which I entered. This seemed to go okay but when I tried to access the net using Safari (the only browser I could find on OS X - don't know if it is the only one though), it said it couldn't establish a connection.

    Maybe there's something additional that needs doing to AirPort but I'm wondering if you need to configure something between Safari and AirPort?

    If anyone can advise me I'd appriciate it.


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    are you using DHCP settings? goto the system prefs>network>airport>tcp/ip then see using DHCP
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    I shall certainly check that (unfortunatley I won't be back there till Thursday). Is DHCP not the default for a new connection?

    Please continue to make suggestions in the mean time. I will report back after I've been back there.


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    What kind of router is it? Have you looked in Network settings to see that the router is giving your Mac a correct IP address? If it's working correctly, the little ball will be green next to Airport when you go into Network settings.
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    As far as I can recall, AirPort gave the thumbs up. However, I must confess that it was last Thursday I was there and as I said in a previous post its this Thurdays coming that I'm going back. Consequently I think it *may* have had a green ball, but I can't be sure.

    I'm trying to get some research in before I go back, hence the visit to the forum.

    As for the router, its a cheepy BT's own make one that came with the ADSL package these people signed up for (British Telecom for those that don't know).

    Anyway, come Thursday I will be watching for a green ball. Thanks that tip !


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