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    Remote Access to Mac on LAN
    I have a small network with 4 macs on a router with a static IP. I have port forward setup to use one machine as an FTP server. How would I go about accessing a specific Mac on my network (other than the server) using my PowerBook when I'm away from the office?

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    Are you talking about remote access? When you are away from the office it is no longer part of the local area network. If you want to access them outside the LAN, you should give a server address(eg. get a one for free from DynDNS). Then you have to link it to the IP address of your individual machine.

    You can also try connecting to them using a VNC client.

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    It depends entirely what you want to do with them. I have a small, low power machine (an old Cobalt RaQ2) as a 'gateway' machine behind my router that all my ports are forwarded to. I can then hop onto that and use SSH forwarding to bounce connections to my internal machines. If you're not used to the Unix command line this way might be a bit extreme for you, but it certainly works!

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