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    Linksys Help
    My roommate has a mac running OS X and I have a dell. We had everything working with our wireless until a few days ago when it just went south. Now I can connect to the wireless but none of the many passwords we have tried help. We even tried putting the $ symbol in front of the password and nothing. It is very discouraging. Also he cannot connect through the router via cat5 but he can get onto the internet if he is directly connected to the modem. What do we try next?

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    Is Cat5 a cable?

    If you cannot connect to the Router via a cable or wireless by directly typing in its IP address in your browser, even after a reboot, then it's probably away with the faries. never to return.

    My linksys died recently and I know this has happened to a few people (I believe the DHCP server can crap out occasionally). Did you update the firmware recently?

    I bought a $35 Belkin to replace it... and amazingly it's faster and more reliable.
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    Yeah we did just update the firmware and it works fine on my dell but his mac just refuses to connect to it in any way.

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    I am having the exact same problem. It can not be the router. Linksys told me to try a static ip. I have not done that yet, but try it and let me know

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